01 June 11-Bargaining Update

I wish to provide you with a update regarding our arbitration application. The labour relations board required SAIT to submit this proposals to the board by last Friday, June 10. On June 10th we received their covering letter, which told us the attachment was being couriered. This last Monday, June 13th, we received the attachment. The attachment is the spread sheet that we initiated three months ago with all the Unions last positions. SAIT was supposed to fill out their part of the document with all their final positions.

In the couriered package, SAIT position is “Open for discussion, however SAIT reserves the right to make specific proposals on this schedule.  What this amounts to is a blatant abuse of process.

On June 15, 2011, Larry Dawson from our offices filed a formal complaint with the board to force them to give us a finance position on their wage schedule. I called the board again today, they have contacted SAIT and are waiting for a rebuttal response.

The board expects SAIT to respond by early next week, I will forward you whatever I receive.

In the big picture, we continue to complete new contracts with other colleges. Olds just signed a two year deal for 2% and a wage re opener for 2012. Health benefits were also increased. Lakeland, and another Northern College just signed similar deals. All institutes settled 2010 for either a lump sum or paid days off. Our proposals are the same as every settlement that has been achieved so far.

Once I heard anything more from SAIT or the board, I will forward it to you. Please feel free to post the letter of complaint that was send on June 15. Overall we are trying to support our members in SAIT with all our resources but we continue to run into road blocks. Please encourage our new executive and our members to remain united as we continue.

Kevin Davediuk

Complaint filed against SAIT: link

Item in dispute: link