03 Nov 17-Local 071 Chapter 12 Living Waters Bargaining Update

Mediation Begins

Mediation began Nov. 1 with some considerable pushback from the employer. By the end of our meeting, almost all outstanding items were monetary.

Some issues that remain outstanding include workers’ compensation, the term of the agreement, retroactivity, the salary schedule and wage increases.

While we also advocated hard for changes to overtime and hours of work, the employer refuses to consider these amendments as they claim those would cost them too much.

This story is not new. As you know, years ago, bargaining for our last contract, our union came up against an employer more concerned with profit than the humane treatment of its workers, and today we face that same employer.

However, we want to remind everyone that our hard work over the last year of bargaining hasn’t been in vain. During our meeting, we signed off on two important articles – no discrimination and respect in the workplace – which the employer was adamant to keep out of the agreement.

These items represent that equity and fairness which the employer works so hard to undermine. United, we’ve shown them that their stubbornness is no match for our solidarity.

We will continue to remind ourselves and the employer of this as we determine what our next steps will be. You deserve a workplace where small gains don’t come at such a high price.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact one of your bargaining team members.

Roxie Bretzer
Laurie Martinot
Carla Cote

Terry Luhoway Negotiator

Celia Shea Communications Officer
780-720-8122 or c.shea@aupe.org