04 Dec 17-Local 039 SAIT Bargaining Begins

04 Dec 17-Local 039 SAIT Bargaining Begins

Bargaining Begins

Your bargaining committee met with the employer to exchange proposals on Oct. 25. During those initial discussions, it became clear to the committee that the employer is facing external pressures on the bargaining process.

A total of six bargaining meetings have been scheduled to take place in December, January and February.

The parties also met at the Alberta Labour Relations Board on Nov. 24 to resolve AUPE’s complaint that the employer was bargaining in bad faith and engaged in unfair labour practices, as a result of the 16 members laid-off in November.

The employer agreed to disclose the details regarding the layoffs and also agreed to prioritize the layoff, recall and severance article in the collective agreement during negotiations with a plan to make it retroactive.

A mediator has been appointed in case the matter remains unsettled after the six scheduled bargaining meetings.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a member of your bargaining team.

Your SAIT Bargaining Team Members:
Tanya Mullings
Rose Read
Diane Moreau

Andy Trache
Jamie Eschyshyn
Lauren Wood

AUPE Resource staff:
John Wevers, Negotiator
780-238-4767, j.wevers@aupe.org
Farris Sobhani, Organizer/ Mobilizer
780-271-0728, f.sobhani@aupe.org
Mariam Ibrahim, Communications
780-930-5218, m.ibrahim@aupe.org