1 Oct 18 Living Waters Senior Executive Hits Picketer With Car

WHITECOURT – A 37-year employee of Living Waters Catholic Schools was struck by a vehicle driven by a senior executive member of Living Waters this morning on the picket line and sent to hospital with injuries.

“Right now we know this member has some muscle injury,” said AUPE vice-president Rod Feland. “We will continue to keep in contact with him and are thankful it appears he will make a full recovery.

“This incident highlights the lack of respect and regard the employer has shown these members since they began bargaining for a collective agreement in 2016,” he added.

Despite this incident, the approximately 120 AUPE members working for Living Waters will continue their push for a collective agreement that treats them with dignity and value.

“We want to head back to the bargaining table with the employer and are willing to do so at any time,” said Feland. “We want a collective agreement, not to be on strike and right now, it’s up to the employer to provide members with a fair offer.”

Members are looking for defined hours of work to create a more stable environment for students, whose learning is suffering from volatile staff scheduling. They also want compensation to cover the rising cost of living.

“We have some folks who have had to rely on the food bank to feed themselves and their families. That is not right,” Feland said.

AUPE represents more than 93,000 members province-wide. Living Waters members work as financial assistants, library clerks, educational assistants, secretaries, typists, custodians and in maintenance.

Members have been on strike since Sept. 28.


For more information:

Tyler Bedford, AUPE senior communications officer: 780-930-3406