10 Oct 18-Living Waters Member Update

Employer backtracks and proposes reductions

Yesterday, your bargaining team met with the employer for the second time since we were forced to take strike action. Once again, the Board showed complete disrespect for the work we do and the kids we support, and backtracked on their last offers, erasing any progress made at our last meeting.

Oct. 2 Meeting

On Oct. 2, we provided the Board with a counter proposal that included the following wage increases:

  • 2016/17: 2 per cent General Wage Increase (Retroactive)
  • 2017/18: 0 per cent
  • 2018/19: 0 per cent with amended Hours of Work and Days of Work language
  • 2019/20: Wage Re-Opener (with option of arbitration if both parties are unable to agree by a specified date)

That same day, the employer also proposed to increase defined daily minimum hours of work for Secretaries and Educational Assistants to 7.50 hours and 6.50 hours, respectively.

Oct. 9 Meeting

Yesterday, we came to the table under the impression that all of these items, except the wage reopener, were agreed to in principle.

The Board had a different idea and tabled a new counter offer with the following wage increases:

  • 2016/17: 1 per cent effective date of ratification – no retroactive application.
  • 2017/18: 0 per cent
  • 2018/19: 0 per cent
  • 2019/20: 1.5 per cent

They also reduced their proposed defined hours of work to 7.25 hours for Secretaries and 6.25 hours for Educational Assistants.

The Board knows they could end this strike right now, but they refuse to offer you what you are worth, and your bargaining team won’t settle for less.

On Oct. 17, we are meeting with Living Waters again to continue focusing on what matters most: your wellbeing, which we can only protect if we settle a fair agreement.

Thank you for your resilience on the picket line while we continue to bargain. You have shown the Board that no matter how they act at the table, they can’t discourage your solidarity, resolve and dedication to our towns’ education systems.


Roxie Bretzer
Laurie Martinot
Carla Cote


Terry Luhoway Negotiator
Celia Shea Communications
780-720-8122 or c.shea@aupe.org