13 April 17 - Additional Information –Local 039 2017 Elections

Do you want to get involved more in your AUPE Local but not sure where to start. Maybe you have been thinking about it for some time now or maybe you are new to SAIT and want to participate more in Local planning, events and activities?

Perhaps you have asked other members how to get involved and they either didn’t know or didn’t seem to be interested in providing you with any information. Maybe you have been “turned off” by something that has happened in the past that you associate with the Local, with AUPE or with Unions in general?

As we are going to be holding elections at our AGM on Thursday April 13, 2017, I wanted to ensure that all members are provided with additional information in order to assist with any decision to run for a position on the Council so I am providing the following additional information.

AUPE Component Officer Recourse Kit

When a member is voted on to the Local Council, they are provided with a copy of the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees “Component Officer Resource Kit”. It contains a wealth of information for members that are just getting active with their Local Councils. I believe it is an excellent resource for all members. I have attached an electronic copy for your reference. I have also included a listing of the table of contents at the bottom of this email.

Election process on Thursday April 13, 2017

The Local Chair will hand over the chair of the meeting to either the AUPE Provincial Vice President or Membership Services Officer present to conduct the elections. Nominations are called from the floor one at a time for each position. If you wish to run for a position you will require someone to nominate you at that time. Once the nomination for that position is closed, each nominee for that position will have 2 minutes to speak about who they are and why they wish to run for that position. All members present will then be given a ballot and asked to confidentially vote for the candidate of their choice. AUPE Provincial Executive or Membership Service Officers will be on hand to collect and count the ballots. Nominees may appoint a scrutineer (a member who observes the ballot counting) if they wish. Results will be provided once the ballots are counted.

Can I run for a position if I cannot attend the meeting? Yes, here’s how

If you wish to run for a position and you are not able to attend the meeting, you may submit an email to chair@aupelocal39.com up to 11:59 am Thursday April 13, 2017, indicating the position you are running for and why you wish to run for the position. You will be nominated when there is a call for nominations from the floor and your email will be read out to the membership when nominees are asked to speak. If you are running for a position that has an alternate position (PE Rep, Education Sector Rep or Convention Delegate) and you wish to be considered for the alternate position should you not be the successful candidate for the primary position, you must indicate this in your email or send a separate email for the alternate position.

Positions up for Election

There are a total of 20 positions up for election. Some of these positions have both voice and vote. Some of these have voice but no vote. I have indicated this in the list below:

  • Chair Voice & Vote
  • Vice Chair Voice & Vote
  • Provincial Executive Representative Voice & Vote
  • Secretary Voice & Vote
  • Treasurer Voice & Vote
  • OH&S Representative Voice & Vote
  • Council Representative (8 Reps Required) Voice & Vote
  • Academic Council Representative Voice No Vote
  • Board of Governors Representative Voice No Vote
  • Calgary Area Council Representative Voice No Vote
  • Education Sector Representative Voice No Vote
  • Alternate Education Sector Representative Voice No Vote
  • Alternate Provincial Executive Representative Voice No Vote

Election of AUPE Annual Convention Delegates

There are 8 Convention Delegates and 8 alternate Delegate positions up for election

AUPE holds an annual convention each year in October. The 2017 convention will be held Wednesday October 18 to Saturday October 21, 2017.

Each Local sends their Local Chair and Provincial Executive Representative (PE Rep) as of right along with 1 Delegate per 100 Local members or portion thereof. We have approximately 750 members therefore we are entitled to send 8 delegates in addition to the Chair and PE Rep. Each Delegate attends the convention and represents 100 of our members. Each Delegate votes on behalf of the 100 members that they represent on the resolutions presented on the convention floor. Each Delegate prepares a report of their esperiance after convention that is shared with the membership.

It is important that if a delegate is not able to attend convention that we have an alternate that is able to fill in because if we lose that vote, we, in effect lose the representation of 100 of our members on the convention floor. We are one of the smallest locals, every vote counts!

If you are interested in attending this year’s convention, please review the following section in the attached Component Officer Resource Kit.


  • Becoming a Convention Delegate
  • Locals with Chapters
  • Locals without Chapters
  • Responsibilities of Convention Delegates

The following members attended convention 2016 and would be happy to speak to anyone about their experience should you wish to contact them to find out more information.

  • Rose Read Enterprise Information Management (Local Chair)
  • Tanya Mullings School of ICT (PE Rep)
  • Lauren Wood Student Services
  • Danielle Nadeau McMillan Student Services
  • Janet Bliss ARIS
  • Jaimie Eschyshyn Athletics & Recreation
  • Tina Condemi Office of the Registrar
  • Kathleen Woodward School of ICT
  • Shuna Talbot School of Construction
  • Maria Bernal School of ICT

Intro to Your Union Course

All new Council members will be provided with the opportunity to take the “Intro to your Union Course” that we will be running again on Campus in late spring or early summer.

Component Officer Training

AUPE provides training to Local Chairs, Vice Chairs, Secretaries and Treasures through 1 day training seminars. If you are elected for any of these positions please note the following training days that are set up. If you are not able to attend the training day due to previous commitments, AUPE will make every attempt to provide you with the training through alternate means. AUPE pays for your time off to attend all trining and provides lunch.

Workshop Dates

  • Local Chairs and Vice Chairs June 27, 2017
  • Local Treasurers June 28, 2017
  • Local Secretaries June 29, 2017

Component Officer Resource Kit “Table of Contents”

You Have Been Elected – What Next?

AUPE Contact Information

AUPE Executive

Local Executive

Chapter Executive

Council Representatives


About AUPE

Roles and Responsibilities of Component Officers

For Chapters

For Locals without Chapters

Locals with Chapters

About Chapters and Locals


Locals with Chapters

Locals without Chapters

Provincial Executive

Your PE Member on Your Local Council

Local OH&S Liaison

Union Stewards and Chief Steward

3-2 Policy on Grievance Handling for Union Stewards

3-9 Policy on Union Steward Expectations

Worksite Contacts

10-5 Worksite Contacts

Area Councils

AUPE Standing Committees


Becoming a Convention Delegate

Locals with Chapters

Locals without Chapters

Responsibilities of Convention Delegates

Effective Meetings

Communication and Mapping



Union Education

Advanced Education

3-5 Policy on Seminars, Conferences and Ad Hoc Courses

Protecting Personal Privacy

10-7 Policy on Confidentiality of Membership Lists

Local, Chapters and Area Council Retention Guide

Mailroom and Printing

Elections and Annual General Meeting

More Information

: AUPE-component-officer-handbook-2015-2.pdf