13 Dec 17-Local 071 Chapter 011 Bow Valley College Bargaining Update

Bargaining Begins

Your bargaining committee met with the employer to exchange proposals on Sept. 25 and 26.

The employer has not tabled a monetary proposal. The employer also tabled several proposals that would move the collective agreement back in several non-monetary areas including:

• General illness leave limitations;
• Proof of illness changes;
• Restricted trial period reversion rights;
• Job evaluation appeal procedure changes;
• Job evaluation information disclosure deletions;
• Increased use of Agency employees for up to half a year (26 weeks);
• Limiting secondments; and 
• Limiting acting incumbency reimbursement.

The employer committed during negotiations to table a monetary package during meetings scheduled for December 2017. However, on Nov. 24, the employer emailed the union to inform us that a new negotiator, Tim Mitchell, would be brought in during the next meeting. As a result, the employer requested to cancel the December bargaining meetings.

Mr. Mitchell, the new negotiator, practices management labour and employment law at Norton Rose Fulbright law firm.

The next scheduled bargaining meetings are now set for Jan. 18 and 19, 2018, and Feb. 26 and 27, 2018.

Your union is very concerned about the lack of good faith collective bargaining at post-secondary education tables in Alberta. It is clear to AUPE that the government has set a tone for these negotiations for employers. These outside pressures are described by many post-secondary education employers as stifling and constraining.

As a result, your union is concerned that most post secondary education employers will not table monetary proposals because pay and compensation are being driven by government directives.

Member mobilization is about engaging each member by keeping you informed about collective bargaining and the progress in achieving a fair and reasonable collective agreement. Member mobilization is about energizing and organizing the members to participate in the bargaining process and activating the AUPE membership, when and if we need to take further action.

Mobilization is about making a difference in building a stronger union together at the college, in the education sector and in our province. We all need to be part of the solution.

It will only happen because of you! It is critical that you support your bargaining committee!

Taking part in your Union and the meetings allows you to have a voice in the direction taken by AUPE and your bargaining committee. Union meetings are the best way to be informed about the facts concerning collective bargaining, negotiating with your employer and what is happening at the worksite. Stay tuned for the details of our next Bargaining Information Meeting. We will be providing detail on the progress of our bargaining meetings with the Employer.

Please contact any member of your bargaining committee to confirm your support or if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Bow Valley College Bargaining Team

Iba Boda 

Stephen Caughie 

Peter Steward 

AUPE Resource Staff

John Wevers, Negotiator 

Dave Malka, Organizer 

Mariam Ibrahim, Communications