13 Feb 2019 Memo of Agreement Reached

13 Feb 2019 Memo of Agreement Reached

Memo of Agreement Reached

Your bargaining committee has reached a Memorandum of Agreement with Lakeland College.

Your contract ratification vote is scheduled for Thursday, March 7, 2019.

Agreement Details

This is a three year agreement with 0% wage increases in the first two years and a wage reopener in the third year. Like similar agreements throughout the province, the agreement includes interest arbitration if we do not agree on a third year wage adjustment by November 30, 2019.

There are a number of changes and improvements in this new agreement. Here are some of the changes that matter to you:
• Temporary employees who work in the same position for over 24 months may ask for their position to be made permanent;
• Casual employees who work over 1000 hours in one fiscal year may ask for their position to be made permanent;
• Temporary employees now receive annual vacation leave, instead of the previous percentage of regular wage earnings in lieu of vacation;
• Health Spending Account increased to $950 for Family Full-Time Permanent employees and $550 for Full-Time Permanent employees;
• A new respectful workplace article which outlines the process for addressing bullying, harassment, violence, and discrimination at the worksite;
• Discipline shall be purged from your file after 24 months. Discipline related to vulnerable peoples, financial non-compliance, or respect in the workplace shall be purged after 36 months;
• Travel outside of normal work hours will be paid out at 1.5 times for each hour;
• Bereavement and General Illness Leave can be substituted for Vacation Leave if the need for them occurs during scheduled vacation time;
• You are now able to take 5 special leave days (increased from 1) for the birth or adoption of your child or for administration of estate;
• For bereavement leave, the definition of your “immediate family” now includes, “child, aunt, uncle, nephew, and niece.”
• Your $150 safety footwear allowance may now be carried over, but with a limit of $300.