15 May 19 Alberta University of the Arts Non-Academic Staff

New Collective Agreement Ratified

Your new collective agreement has been ratified following the membership vote on Monday, May 6.

Your bargaining committee would like to thank you for the strength and solidarity you have shown throughout negotiations.

Agreement Summary

This is a three year deal with 0% wage adjustments in the first two years and a wage re-opener in the third year, which can be forwarded for arbitration if we do not agree to a wage adjustment with the employer.

Here are some highlights of this new collective agreement:

• Improved discrimination and harassment language, allowing for grievances to go to arbitration;
• New: added your right to bank overtime work, instead of just taking the pay;
• Amended maternity leave to bring it up to new employment standards;
• Workers can now take ½ a day paid leave to attend the Calgary Stampede at any time during the stampede;
• Two new paid personal leave days;
• The employer has agreed to give your union Chapter Chair 4 hours of paid time off each month for union business;
• A new Letter of Agreement which states the employer will provide free office space for union business;
• We added an Inform First Step to the grievance procedure;
• Casual employees are now union members, with the protections that offers;
• The employer has also agreed to pay 80% of recurring part-time workers’ benefit premiums while they are on temporary layoff for up to 4 months;
• Your health and wellness spending account increased to $1000. This increase would back date to January 1, 2019;
• A new Flex Time Article, which would allow for up to 9 days off per year that you can take when you would like, subject to operational requirements;
• Amended the Service Recognition Letter of Understanding to remove the need to be at the top of the pay grid for 1 year;
• A new Contracting-Out Article, which outlines a formal consultation process for proposed contracting-out and replaces the old Notification Process Letter of Understanding;
• The inclusion of students in the Collective Agreement;
• A new Position Abolishment Article;
• Language improvements for dues check off.

Your bargaining committee would like to thank you again for the solidarity you showed during negotiations. Do not hesitate to contact a member of your committee or AUPE resource staff with any questions, comments or concerns you may have.