15 May 13-Update At 2013 AGM

On behalf of the entire AUPE Local 39 Bargaining Committee, we would like to thank you for your participation in our Bargaining Survey.

On April 8 and April 9, your Bargaining Committee along with AUPE negotiator Kevin Davediuk met and observed the results of your surveys and comments. Based on the feedback we received, the following issues were of concern to you:

  • Wages: Fair and competitive with the Alberta Economy.
  • Consistency and standardization implementation of operating procedures like Flex Time.
  • Parking.
  • Job Posting: Opportunities for more internal candidates.
  • Seniority Recognition.
  • Vacation and years of accruement.

We were also grateful to see the strong support for the Bargaining Committee process. And based on the feedback we received, we will continue to use our main communication process as email. As this process continues, we will be using other forms of personal communication like a town hall meeting.

We would like to continue the process of communication. We will be preparing to have a town hall meeting specifically to discuss the issues surrounding flex time. We got many comments in regard to this issue and would look forward to meeting you to discuss this further.

On Friday April 4, AUPE served notice to management with the intention to begin the negotiating process for a new Collective Agreement. Our first negotiations are scheduled for June 11, 20 and 21. We will be providing a brief update on the progress of the negotiations shortly after June 21

You might have read on SAITNOW as well as in the news, that education minister Thomas Lukaszuk has encouraged a wage freeze for both instructors and support staff for the next three years. Any decisions on wages must be agreed upon between AUPE and SAIT specifically. As there have been no negotiations, this has not been agreed upon. We would encourage you go onto www.aupe.org and look at collective agreements such as NAIT, U of C, and Bow Valley College.

It is our intention to negotiate a fair and balanced deal that benefits you, the place you work and management. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email bargaining@aupelocal39.com

In solidarity,
Kevin Olenick

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