16 May 18-Local 069 Athabasca University Bargaining Update


Your committee met with the employer to continue negotiations on May 7 and 8. Bargaining moved slowly, with lengthy discussions at the table on items we hoped would be more quickly negotiated. That said, we are hopeful to move to some of the more complicated articles by our next meeting, including Personal Leave, Workload and Contracting In/Out. However, we are concerned because the employer has indicated that even if an agreement in principle is reached on these items, it will hold off on signing them in exchange for our acceptance of their monetary package.

The employer has not presented its monetary package formally, but has indicated it will fall in line with what other post-secondary institutions are offering, which is no salary increases for two years with a wage re-opener in the third year. It goes without saying that your committee will continue to push in negotiations for your work to be adequately and properly valued and compensated.

Over the course of our most recent negotiations, we have signed off the following articles:

  • Negotiating Committee (Article 5)
  • Union Stewards (Article 6)
  • Salaries and Salary Increments (Article 8)
  • Posting of Vacancies (Article 11)
  • Training Positions (Article 13)
  • Grievance Procedure (Article 14)
  • Sick Leave (Article 23)
  • Joint Benefits Committee and Benefits Plan Reporting (Letter of Understanding)

The following Letters of Understanding were deleted:

  • Definitions
  • Information Contained in Union Reports
  • Additional Days Off

Our next meeting with the employer is scheduled for May 31. If you have any questions or comments between now and then, please contact a member of your bargaining committee.


Ken Krawec
Heath Bowen
Richard Nolan
Wendy Jewell
Gisele Boisvert


Terry Luhoway, Negotiator

Farris Sobhani, Organizer

Mariam Ibrahim, Communications Officer