16 Oct 18-Living Waters Staff and Board Accept Mediator Recommendations

Your Living Waters bargaining team is pleased to report both you and the Board voted in favour of the mediator’s recommendations, which were presented last night.

These recommendations, along with all previously signed-off articles, will form the foundation of your new agreement.

The strike will now end, and you will return to work tomorrow, Oct. 17, for your previously scheduled shifts.

To recap, some of the amended items we had already signed, include:

  • No Discrimination
  • Respect in the Workplace
  • Temporary Employees
  • Casual Employees
  • Discipline (record removed after 24 months, if no other discipline was issued in that time)
  • Grievance Procedure/Arbitration

These language changes and more are long overdue and will go a long way in giving you the protections you deserve.

As you know, some of the items we fought hardest for were monetary issues, including hours of work and wages.

We are pleased to report all of you now have guaranteed minimum daily hours, and Regular Full-Time employees are guaranteed at least the same number of work days as instructional days for students in your respective wards, plus two paid days within the operational days (identified in your yearly calendar).

While we will not get any retroactive pay, the Board did agree to the following wage increases:

  • One-per-cent for 2016, effective date of ratification
  • Zero-per-cent, effective Sept. 1, 2017
  • Zero-per-cent, effective Sept. 1, 2018
  • One-per-cent, effective Sept. 1, 2019
  • 0.5-per-cent, effective Feb. 1, 2020

Thank you for standing by each other during this difficult and long round of bargaining. Your persistence and solidarity has paid off.