17 Oct 18-Defining Casual AUPE Local 039 Employees

17 Oct 18-Defining Casual AUPE Local 039 Employees

Not all the provisions of the collective agreement will apply to casual employees, but they are full members of AUPE. In the past, employees working on a casual basis used to be called "relief" workers, and collective agreements contained stringent language governing when they could be called to fill in for regular employees.

The term "Casual Employment" is defined in our AUPE Collective Agreement as "employment on an hourly basis. Continuous full time casual employment shall not normally exceed six (6) months.

For some workers, the ability to accept or decline shifts as they see fit is appealing. Others may see accepting a casual position as their only option, although they would prefer the broader rights and entitlements that come with regular full-time employment.

Casual employees are defined primarily by the fact their employer is not required to provide them with ongoing employment, even in cases when they may have worked full-time hours for an extended period of time.

Casual employees are also distinct from part-time or temporary employees. Part-time employees are often considered regular employees, entitled to all the provisions of the collective agreement with the exception that many benefits such as paid sick days, vacation, health benefits and insurance are usually pro-rated according to their rate of full-time equivalency. Temporary employees may also be able to access most or all provisions, with the exception of those articles dealing with termination of employment, since it is understood their employment relationship will expire at the end of a temporary period.