19 Mar 18 Local 071 Chapter 009 Northern Lakes College

Bargaining Continues

We met with the employer for another set of productive bargaining meetings on March 15 and 16. We are so far pleased with employer’s willingness to be collaborative during bargaining.

At the end of the two meetings, we had signed off on seven articles that were amended by both your union and the employer:

  • Definitions (Article 1)
  • Application (Article 3)
  • Time Off for Union Business (Article 10)
  • Hours of Work (Article 14)
  • Travel Expenses (Article 22)
  • Disciplinary Action (Article 24)
  • Grievance Procedure (Article 25)

We also signed off on three more articles that weren’t changed:

  • Proof of Illness (Article 28)
  • Employee Benefit Plans (Article 29)
  • Medical Examinations (Article 40)

We’ve had a lot of positive progress at the bargaining table so far. We expect to sign off on the remaining non-monetary items during our next bargaining meeting on March 27.

We have further meetings scheduled for April 23 and 24.

If you have any questions, please contact a member of your bargaining committee.


Lynn Panasiuk
Cindy Martin
Odessa Ptashnyk


Terry Luhoway Negotiator, t.luhoway@aupe.org
Dave Malka Organizer, d.malka@aupe.org
Mariam Ibrahim Communications, m.ibrahim@aupe.org