20 Oct 17-Local 071 Chapter 013 Edmonton Catholic Bargaining Update

Your bargaining committee met with the employer and a third party mediator for the first time on Oct. 12. We agreed to schedule the next mediation meeting for Jan. 17 to allow time for new Edmonton Catholic trustees elected Oct. 16 to become familiar with bargaining.

We made incremental progress at the Oct. 12 mediation meeting: we were able to sign off on amended travel and transportation language, and we withdrew the union proposals on named holidays and pension plans and retirement savings.

However, major items including employee benefits, the term of the agreement, and wage increases remain outstanding. It was clear by noon that further movement would not be possible.

Voluntary arbitration (where a third-party arbitrator could impose a settlement) was presented as an option to the employer. Although its committee said they would not be against participating in voluntary arbitration, they did not feel that bargaining had reached that point.

Your committee also discussed our next steps and possible actions in the event that a settlement could not be reached.

Please do not hesitate to contact a member of your bargaining committee if you have any questions, comments or concerns.


Dan Iwaskchuk
Barry Cottrell
Dwayne Salloum
Kevin Quinn
Robert Thomas McDonald


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