21 Feb 18-Local 069 Athabasca University Bargaining Update

Bargaining Begins

Your bargaining committee met with the employer on Feb. 13 and 14 to begin formal bargaining of our proposals that we exchanged on Jan. 5. We were slightly disappointed that we progressed more slowly than anticipated, but nevertheless were able to sign off on more than a dozen articles.

Items signed off with existing language include: Management (Article 3), Time Off for Union Business (Article 7), Probationary and Trial Period (Article 9), Retirement, Resignation, Position Abolishment (Article 20), Notice (Article 30), Health and Safety (Article 31), Distribution of Agreement (Article 39), and Staff Training and Professional Development (Article 40).

Items signed off with amended language include: Scope of Agreement (Article 2), Union Membership and Dues (Article 4), Discipline (Article 15), Personnel File (Article 19), Annual Vacation (Article 22), Workers’ Compensation Supplement (Article 24), Maternity Leave, Parental Leave and Adoption Leave (Article 26), Position Description and Performance Assessment (Article 34).

Your bargaining committee has committed to distributing copies of all signed off articles to all members of Local 069 who provide their personal email addresses to the bargaining committee. If you would like to be provided these updates, please contact a member of your committee to ensure your email contact information is up to date.

Our next bargaining dates with the employer are scheduled for Feb. 27 and 28. If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact a committee member.

Ken Krawec
Heath Bowen
Richard Nolan
Wendy Jewell
Gisele Boisvert

Terry Luhoway Negotiator
Farris Sobhani Organizer
Mariam Ibrahim Communications Officer