28 Feb 20: Local 039 to lose 100+ jobs

28 Feb 20: Local 039 to lose 100+ jobs

What does today's announcement of the elimination of 230 positions SAIT wide mean for the Local?

We have been advised that the Local will be losing approximately 100 permanent positions plus numerous casual positions.

Of the 100 positions approx. 25-30 are presently open postings that will not be filled. These are positions that have become vacant in the last few months that have not been filled. This leaves an estimated 70 permanent positions to be abolished.

We were successful in our last round of negotiations in making some changes to our Position Abolishment article. A new process is that the employer does a call for Voluntary Separation before Involuntary Separation. This process may take a few weeks as the process is new.

Also previously the employer had to give us 5 days notice of abolishment’s and this is now 10 days notice. Therefore we anticipate the involuntary abolishment’s to occur in late March or early April.