28 Feb 2019 ACAD Bargaining Update

Bargaining Continues

After meetings with the employer on Feb. 20 and 21, a number of outstanding articles remain on the table for negotiation, including many monetary items and the length of the contract.

We do not yet have an agreement on rates of pay and the current salary proposal on the table is 0% wage increases for two years, with a wage reopener in the third that would go to arbitration if an agreement is not reached within 30 days.

Other articles still up for discussion are the following:
Article 1 – Definitions
Article 12 – Layoff and Recall 
Article 18 – Pay Affecting Transfer, Reclassification, Promotion, Demotion
Article 21 – Overtime
Article 22 – Shift Differential/Weekend Premium
Article 27 – Acting Incumbency
Article 28 – Illness and Sick Leave
Article 30 – Benefits HAS
Article 31 – Paid Holidays (the employer has proposed to remove Christmas Eve)
Article 32 – Annual Vacation
Article 33 – Leaves (the employer wants to remove Earned Days off; the union has proposed to replace that with Personal Days)
New Articles – Workload, Contracting In/Out, Wage Equity, Position Abolishment, and Inclusions/Exclusions
Letters of Understanding – #1 (Hours of Work), #2 (Service Recognition), #3 (Notification Process), #5 (Union Accommodation), #7 (Time off for Chapter Chair)

Your bargaining committee remains dedicated to achieving the best possible contract for us at the table. We know the work you do is crucial to supporting ACAD as a higher learning institution, and we will continue to communicate that to the employer during negotiations.

Our next meeting is scheduled for April 2. We will continue to provide you updates on our collective bargaining progress, and encourage you to reach out to a member of your committee if you have questions or comments in the meantime.