28 Sept 18-The Five Things You Need To Know About the Living Waters Dispute

1. This is about students
The support staff at Living Waters Catholic Schools are fundamental to our kids’ education. They are the educational assistants, custodians, maintenance staff, secretaries, and more who make our schools a better place. If Living Waters came to the table and addressed staff concerns regarding unpredictable scheduling, this would create a more stable learning environment for all students.

2. Support from the community has been amazing!
Students have joined the support staff members in solidarity, helping at the picket line and even occupying the Living Waters board office in Whitecourt. Parents have spoken up too, because they know how important the support staff are to their children’s education.

3. Support staff did everything they could to avoid a picket line
These AUPE members have been bargaining for a new contract since 2016. They have made every possible effort to secure a fair agreement at the table, including last-minute discussions on Sept. 27, but received nothing but disrespect from the employer.

Living Waters can end this situation by returning to the table to meaningfully address staff’s concerns and proposals.

4. Living Waters has the money
Some staff members have been turning to their local food bank to make ends meet. Despite this, Living Waters has shown no concern for these AUPEmembers, even going so far as to suggest the wages they make are nothing but extra change to supplement someone else’s income at home.

The school board has been posting operating surpluses, but that hasn’t stopped them from shortchanging their support staff. Living Waters has said it could afford to give support staff raises but refuses to do so.

5. You can help today!
Please show you’re on side with Living Waters support staff by sending a message to the Superintendent! You can also contact your MLA by phone and urge them to support our members and pressure Living Waters to be fair at the bargaining table. Find your MLA here: http://www.assembly.ab.ca/lao/mla/mla_help.htm