3 Oct 18-Living Waters Catholic Schools Member Update

Yesterday, your bargaining committee met with the employer and a mediator to work toward achieving a tentative agreement and ending this strike.

After 13 hours of negotiations, the employer announced the Board needed more time to consider the union’s last proposal.

The employer felt the parties should suspend bargaining and resume another day. They informed us they were not available for the remainder of this week, but would be available to meet after the Thanksgiving weekend.

We’ve agreed to resume bargaining at 9 a.m. in Whitecourt on Oct. 9.

Our goal is to reach an agreement that will provide stable, defined hours of work and a predictable, constant work year for members. We also want reasonable wage increases that recognize the rising cost of living and better reflect the value of the work you do.

Your commitment and solidarity on the picket line is truly inspiring.

Your bargaining committee thanks you for your support and the dedication you’ve displayed as we stand up for our students and ourselves through this difficult round of negotiations.