30 Oct 17 Local 038 NAIT Bargaining Update

Bargaining Begins

The parties met Oct. 26 to exchange proposals, with both sides expressing a desire to update the collective agreement to better reflect current employment best practices.

Aside from minor housekeeping changes and the addition of gender-neutral language, the following articles are unchanged and will be signed off during our next bargaining meeting: Jurisdiction (Article 2); Management Recognition (Article 4); Legislation and the Collective Agreement (Article 6); Safety and Health (Article 36); Employment Insurance Premium – Reduction or Rebate (Article 38); 
Workers’ Compensation Supplement (Article 39); Travel and Subsistence (Article 41); Cashier Policy (Article 43); Pension Plan and Retirement Savings (Article 46). Three letters of understanding are also unchanged: International Work Assignments; Teleworking/Telecommuting; and NAIT /AUPE Jurisdictional Review Process.

During discussions, the parties discovered that we share similar positions on a further 10 articles, which will be first up on the agenda during our next bargaining meeting on Nov. 14. Several more bargaining dates have been scheduled for November and December. If you have any questions or 
concerns about bargaining in the meantime, please contact a member of your committee.


Racheal Kennedy
Ray Walmsley
Karen Hamel
Michael Johnson
Ken Sledz
Sharon Gafka
Oleksandr Sukhorukov
Marliese Moulton
Eryn Dechant

Terry Luhoway

Farris Sobhani Organizer

Mariam Ibrahim Communications Officer