31 Jan 18 Local 071 Chapter 009 Northern Lakes College Non-Academic Staff

Bargaining Ongoing

Your bargaining committee met with the employer on Jan. 27 and 28 to begin bargaining in earnest after exchanging our proposals late last year.

The two days of meetings produced collaborative and meaningful discussions on our proposals, and we achieved progress in signing off more than a dozen amended collective agreement articles. They are: Union Membership and Dues (Article 7), Employer-Union Relations (Article 8), Union Stewards (Article 9), Attendance (Article 11), Acting Incumbent (Article 12), Probationary Period and Trial Period (Article 23), Paid Holidays (Article 30), Compassionate Leave (Article 32), Maternity/Parental/Adoption Leave (Article 33), Court Leave (Article 34), Employee Management Advisory Committee (Article 38), Classification and Pay (Article 41), Professional and Personal Development Fund (Article 42), and Classification Appeal (Article 44).

In addition to these, a total of 13 articles were signed off as unchanged.

We had further discussion on the remaining non-monetary items and expect to sign off on all during our next bargaining dates on March 15 and 16.

If you have any questions about the progress of bargaining, please contact a member of your committee.


Lynn Panasiuk
Cindy Martin
Odessa Ptashnyk


Terry Luhoway, Negotiator

Dave Malka, Organizer

Mariam Ibrahim, Communications