4 Dec 17-Portage College Support Staff Bargaining Update


Ballots were counted Nov. 29 and showed members have ratified the tentative agreement. Once ratified by the employer, the employer advises that retroactive payments could be made to the members on the December 15th pay cheque.

Thank you for your patience during the bargaining preparation process and period. Your bargaining committee members are planning, developing strategy and designing and creating your new collective agreement proposals. We will schedule bargaining meetings with the Employer into 2018.

As a bargaining committee, the survey has taught us a lot about the composition of the bargaining unit, members’ expectations for collective bargaining and the needs of our membership for their future job security and sustainable employment. It provided guidance, assisted in planning and established clear and compelling priorities.

The majority of the respondents are continuous full-time employees with an average length of service ranging from five to 10 years. Several members with 16-20 years of service also responded.

What would be an acceptable wage increase (% per year)?
More than two-thirds of members expect an annual wage increase that matches or exceeds cost of living.

What would be an acceptable number of years for a new agreement?
The majority wants an agreement with a term of two or more years.

On the grid salary schedule increases #1
Improvements to health spending account #2
Improvements to benefits and insurance plans #3
Recognizing service with additional steps at the top of the pay grid #4

Job evaluation, classifications and pay #1
Job evaluation review and appeals #2
Addressing workload and staffing concerns #3
Special leave and other paid days off #4

• Occupational health and safety 
• Increased reimbursements for health and safety protective apparel and footwear
• Harmonizing October reading week time off in the organization
• Improved personal leave, wellness days
• Supplementary vacation for long service of 30 to 35 years or more
• Expanding the scope of special leaves to cover grandchildren
• Time off in lieu of overtime earned at the overtime rate
• Professional development funding improvements 
• Access to online distance education

Member mobilization is about engaging each member, by keeping you informed about collective bargaining and the measure of progress in achieving a fair and reasonable collective agreement. Member mobilization is about energizing each member, by organizing the members to participate in the bargaining process and activating the AUPE membership, when and if we need to take further action.

Approximately 84% of members positively stated they are willing to take some form of job action in order to back our demands at the bargaining table.

Taking part in your union and the meetings allows you to have a direct voice in the direction taken by AUPE and your bargaining committee. We will be providing detail on the progress of our bargaining meetings with the Employer.

Please contact any member of your bargaining committees and confirm your support or if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact any bargaining committee member listed below:

Portage College Bargaining Team Members:
Nancy Litzenberger
Bruce Snook
Darlene Uganecz


John Wevers, Negotiator – 780-238-4767 – j.wevers@aupe.org

Farris Sobhani, Organizer 780-231-1800 – f.sobhani@aupe.org

Mariam Ibrahim, Communications 780-930-5218 – m.ibrahim@aupe.org