5 April 18-Local 038 NAIT Support Staff

Bargaining over monetary items paused

With our non-monetary items concluded, bargaining has unfortunately becomes less productive than it was when we began last year.

The employer has stated its unwillingness to budge from its position presented during bargaining meetings in March, which is a 0% wage package.

Your union understands the work you do is important, and deserves to be compensated fairly and appropriately. Your work in the NAIT campus community is integral to the school and student experience. That’s why we are unwilling to accept the employer’s proposals of zeroes without attempts to negotiate a better deal for members.

In the spirit of bargaining in good faith, we indicated that we would consider moving off of our initial monetary proposals, only if the employer is similarly willing to move from its proposal of zero wage increases. So far the employer has been unwilling to do this.

Given our current opposing perspectives at the bargaining table, we have had to unfortunately pause bargaining for a period of time to allow time to explore further options and consider developments in Alberta’s political climate.

We have made a lot of progress so far and are counting on your support to keep our momentum at the table. At this time we do not have another bargaining session scheduled, but we will provide an update after the next meeting takes place.

Racheal Kennedy
Ray Walmsley
Karen Hamel
Michael Johnson
Ken Sledz
Sharon Gafka
Oleksandr Sukhorukov
Marliese Moulton

Terry Luhoway Negotiator t.luhoway@aupe.org
Farris Sobhani Organizer f.sobhani@aupe.org
Mariam Ibrahim Communications Officer m.ibrahim@aupe.org