7 Nov 17-Local 071 Chapter 014 Red Deer College Bargaining Update

Bargaining Begins

Your bargaining committee met with the employer on Oct. 31 to exchange in-going proposals.

Your committee presented a comprehensive bargaining package that includes a number of reasonable monetary proposals. We also communicated to the employer that we wish to see improvements to the language of the collective agreement to better reflect the changes in workplace practices and policies that have taken place in Alberta society.

The employer’s package included a relatively small number of proposals. We have so far identified 19 articles within the collective agreement that neither party had proposed to amend. As a result, it is our hope that these articles will be signed off during our next bargaining committee meeting on Nov. 21. We have also scheduled two more dates after that in November, along with two bargaining dates in December.

If you have any questions or concerns about the bargaining process, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of your committee for more information.

Red Deer College Bargaining Team Members
Terry Oakley
Alicia Cafferata-Arnett
Joseph Fittes

Dwight Oler

AUPE Resource Staff

Terry Luhoway, Negotiator

Farris Sobhani, Organizing

Mariam Ibrahim, Communications