8 Mar 2019 NAIT Agreement Ratified

Agreement Ratified

Your new collective agreement has been ratified following a vote on Wednesday, March 6.

This is a three-year Agreement with 0% wage increases in the first two years (2017/18 and 2018/19) and a wage reopener in the third year. If we do not agree on a salary adjustment during the wage reopener by Sept. 30, 2019, this will be forwarded to interest arbitration.

This new agreement includes significant changes and improvements, including: 
• Members have the right to wear or personally display the ordinarily recognized AUPE logo;
• It is now up to us to determine how many union stewards we have;
• All members now have a Probationary Period of nine (9) months. Your last contract had thirty (30) classifications with Probationary Periods of six (6) months and one hundred and seventy-six (176) with Probationary Periods of twelve (12) months;
• New Wellness Leave: One (1) day per calendar year shall be provided to employeesfor wellness;
• New – Easter Monday added as a paid holiday;
• New – Bereavement Leave (including travel) and General Illness Leave can be substituted for Vacation Leave if the need for Bereavement Leave takes place during previously scheduled vacation;
• New – Bereavement Leave is now a standalone benefit with no limit on the number of instances members can access this benefit.;
• A new Employee-Management Advisory Committee. Learn more about EMACs here;
• New – Comprehensive Respectful Workplace Article outlining a commitment to and the process of address bullying, harassment, workplace violence and discrimination;
• Amended language in Clause 21.06 (Step II – Voluntary Separation of a Permanent Employee) which makes the implementation of the Position Abolishment Article clear. This means the offer of voluntary separation of a Permanent Employee is within the entire bargaining unit. This language is in line with the redress currently sought by three (3) Policy Grievances;
• An amended addition to weeks of severance. Members with three (3) and four (4) years of service receive an additional two (2) weeks of severance and those with fifteen (15) or more years of service receive and additional three (3) weeks. The period of notice and severance for those with fifteen (15) or more years of service is now fifty-one (51) weeks; 
• Your reimbursement for CSA safety footwear is increased from one-hundred dollars ($100) to two-hundred dollars ($200) with carry-over;
• Your Flexible Spending Account is increased from six-hundred and fifty dollars ($650) to eight hundred dollars ($800). This increase comes into effect April 1, 2019. The benefit year begins January 1st of each year;
• New – Members will receive one (1) paid day off on either December 20, 2019 or January 2, 2019 to coincide with NAIT’s scheduled Christmas Closure.

Your bargaining committee is dedicated to keeping you informed throughout the entire negotiations process. Please do not hesitate to contact a member of your committee or AUPE resource staff with any questions, comments or concerns you may have.