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  • 30 Jan 2019 - Tues Feb 5, 2019 AUPE Bargaining Update Meeting to be held

    Your Negotiating Team would like to invite you to join them for an update session to be held next week.We will be holding the same session twice to accommodate two lunch periodsPlease bring your lunch and plan on joining us.Tuesday, Feb 5, 2019in the Orpheus Theater (Campus Center)Choose Either12:00-1:00or1:00-2:00Your Negotiating TeamTanya MullingsDiane MoreauRose Read   Read More...

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    25 Jan 2019

    Tentative agreement ratifiedYour bargaining team is pleased to report after a majority worksite vote on Jan. 19, we now have a fairer collective agreement.Monetary GainsEffective Sept. 1, 2016, and ending Aug.   Read More...

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    20 Dec 2018

    Bargaining StalledYour bargaining team was scheduled to meet with the employer on December 18 and 19. Unfortunately, we only met on December 18. During this meeting the employer stated they had not changed their position on monetary items nor any other outstanding Articles.With the employer refusing to budge on these important issues, we asked the employer to continue working towards an Essential Services Agreement and said that we will file for mediation as soon as the ESA is in place.Thank you...  Read More...

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    18 Dec 2018

    Tentative Agreement ReachedAfter nearly three years of difficult negotiations and mediation, your bargaining committee signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the employer on December 14, 2018.Here are the highlights from the Tentative Agreement:Four-year term beginning September 1, 2016 and ending September 1, 2020;WAGES:Year One: Sept. 1, 2016: 0%Year Two: Sept. 1, 2017: 0%Year Three: Jan.   Read More...

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    12 Dec 2018

    EDMONTON – More than 50 elected representatives from 10 Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE) Locals representing workers in post-secondary education, boards, agencies and municipal governments will gather today for a full-day bargaining strategy session in south Edmonton.It is the first time in the union’s history these sectors have come together in this type of forum.The groups have been in drawn-out contract negotiations – some for a year or longer – leadin...  Read More...

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    21 Nov 18 U of L Bargaining Update

    Bargaining Resumes with MediationFollowing our successful and energizing Nov. 7 rally, your bargaining committee resumed negotiations with the employer on November 15 and 16 with the assistance of mediator Rick Wilson.While both parties agree on a number of issues in principle, such as improved contracting out and layoff & recall language, we made little progress. The employer refuses to budge on wages and other monetary items.Negotiations are stalled on the following big issues:Maternity le...  Read More...

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    14 Nov 2018-AUPE Government Support Services have Ratified their Temporary Agreement

    Your bargaining committee would like to report members have ratified the three-year tentative agreement today following a mail-in ballot count at AUPE headquarters in Edmonton.A majority of all returned mail-in ballots in favour determined the outcome.The agreement expires March 31, 2020 for more than 26,000 AHS GSS members and includes significant improvements to:Employment securityWorkloadLeaves and EntitlementsBenefitsPay equityFlex spending accountOvertimeHealth and SafetyFurthermore, wage i...  Read More...

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    07 Nov 18-Bargaining Update

    Two days of bargaining were scheduled for this week on Monday and Tuesday. Our next dates are scheduled for later this month on Nov 19th and 20th. For those members that missed the Bargaining meeting recently held I will provide a written update this weekend. If we do not have your personal email address please send it to me at chairlocal039@aupe.ca.Rose ReadChair, Local 039   Read More...

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    7 Nov 18 U of L Rallys - Employers frustrating Actions during Bargaining

    LETHBRIDGE – Members of the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE) who work at the University of Lethbridge will rally today between noon and 1 p.m. to raise awareness of the employer’s frustrating actions during bargaining.Media, workers, students, and community members are invited to attend. The rally will be at 7 University Drive W.“AUPE members at the University of Lethbridge have been fighting hard for a collective agreement, but recently reached an impasse...  Read More...

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    24 Oct 18-Collective greement Ratified by Government Services Members

    Government Services workers ratified a three-year collective agreement yesterday following a ballot count at AUPE headquarters in Edmonton.A majority in favour of all returned mail-in ballots determined the outcome.The agreement expires March 31, 2020 for more than 22,000 front-line government services workers and includes significant improvements to contract language, including:Employment securityWorkloadContracting outClassificationsPay equityWorksite harassment and discriminationFai...  Read More...

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    17 Oct 18-Local 039 Membership Bargaining Meeting Scheduled for Next Thursday Oct 25th

    Join your Negotiating team for a bargaining update next Thursday from 4:30-5:30. The meeting will be held on campus in room NN105.If you have any questions you would like addressed please submit the to chairlocal039@aupe.ca before next Wednesday Oct 24th.   Read More...

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    17 Oct 18-Local 039 Membership Bargaining Meeting Scheduled for Next Thursday Oct 25th

    Join your Negotiating team for a bargaining update next Thursday from 4:45-5:30. The meeting will be held on campus in room NN105.If you have any questions you would like addressed please submit the to chairlocal039@aupe.ca before next Wednesday Oct 24th.   Read More...

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Bargaining Updates

  • 16 Oct 18-Living Waters Members Vte on Mediator's Recommendations Today

    Late last night, our mediator issued a set of recommendations on all outstanding items for our next collective agreement.You can find the mediator’s recommendations here.You can find the previously signed off articles here.Until noon today, members from six Living Waters schools will vote on the mediated recommendations.Voting locations:Edson: Holy Redeemer High School – 4912 12 Ave.Slave Lake: St. Mary of the Lake – 409 6 Ave. SWWhitecourt: St.   Read More...

  • 11 Oct 18-Living Waters Next Meeting Date Confirmed

    The Living Waters bargaining committee and representatives from Living Waters Catholic Schools will go back to the table on Monday, Oct. 15 at 10 a.m. in Whitecourt in hopes of ending this strike.The parties, with the assistance of a mediator, will continue to work toward achieving a tentative agreement.   Read More...

  • 11 Oct 18-Living Waters Strike Continues As Employer Proposes Rollbacks In Latest Meeting

    WHITECOURT — After returning to the bargaining table Tuesday for the second time since Living Waters Catholic Schools support staff were forced to strike on Sept. 28, an agreement has still not been reached with the employer.“The Living Waters Board continues to propose an agreement that fails to value and respect the important work these members do, providing crucial supports to students. They are purposefully prolonging this strike,” said AUPE vice-president Rod Feland.“In fact,...  Read More...

  • 10 Oct 18-Living Waters Member Update

    Employer backtracks and proposes reductionsYesterday, your bargaining team met with the employer for the second time since we were forced to take strike action. Once again, the Board showed complete disrespect for the work we do and the kids we support, and backtracked on their last offers, erasing any progress made at our last meeting.Oct. 2 MeetingOn Oct.   Read More...

  • 9 Oct 18-Living Waters Strike Update

    Your bargaining committee met with the employer and a mediator today to continue to work toward achieving a tentative agreement and ending this strike.We’re disappointed to announce today’s meeting did not result in an agreement. We will return to the bargaining table with the employer and mediator at a date yet to be determined.Our goal is to reach an agreement that will provide stable, defined hours of work and a predictable, constant work year for members. We also want reasonable ...  Read More...

  • 5 Oct 18-Action Alert: Living Waters Picketing Times

    An update on picketing times for the Living Waters Catholic Schools support staff strike in Edson, Slave Lake and Whitecourt are listed below. We encourage all who can join the picket lines in each community to do so. All are welcome!OCTOBER 5EDSONNo picketSLAVE LAKENo picketWHITECOURTBBQ at the Board office, 4204 Kepler St.   Read More...

  • 3 Oct 18-Living Waters Catholic Schools Member Update

    Yesterday, your bargaining committee met with the employer and a mediator to work toward achieving a tentative agreement and ending this strike.After 13 hours of negotiations, the employer announced the Board needed more time to consider the union’s last proposal.The employer felt the parties should suspend bargaining and resume another day. They informed us they were not available for the remainder of this week, but would be available to meet after the Thanksgiving weekend.We’ve agr...  Read More...

  • 1 Oct 18 Living Waters Senior Executive Hits Picketer With Car

    WHITECOURT – A 37-year employee of Living Waters Catholic Schools was struck by a vehicle driven by a senior executive member of Living Waters this morning on the picket line and sent to hospital with injuries.“Right now we know this member has some muscle injury,” said AUPE vice-president Rod Feland. “We will continue to keep in contact with him and are thankful it appears he will make a full recovery.“This incident highlights the lack of respect and...  Read More...

  • 26 Sept 18-AUPE and Living Waters Board Return to Bargaining Table Thursday

    AUPE’s Living Waters bargaining team will be returning to the table with the employer tomorrow morning in hopes of reaching an agreement and avoiding strike action.Since negotiations with the Board began in 2016, AUPE members have been committed to open and fair discussions at the table in order to secure an agreement that reflects the worth of Alberta’s school support workers and students. We hope the employer is prepared to do the same.   Read More...

  • 28 Sept 18-AUPE Living Waters School Support Staff Begin Job Action Today

    WHITECOURT – After returning to the bargaining table yesterday to try and renew a collective agreement and avoid strike action, AUPE’s Living Waters members held their first picket line today when talks at the table broke down and the Board filed for lockout.“At every turn the Living Waters Board has treated our members like they’re worthless and replaceable,” said AUPE Vice-President Rod Feland.“The employer’s decision to lock out staff i...  Read More...

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What does AUPE mean to me?

I am not alone;
I belong;
I am protected;
I am visible;
I have a voice;
My opinion does matter;
I have a big team of professionals looking out for me to ensure:
my rights are protected;
my job is secured;
my benefits are upheld;
my entitlement is maintained and reasonable;
my working environment is healthy and fair.

by AUPE Local 039 Member Fara Shafee

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