• 4 Dec 17-Portage College Support Staff Bargaining Update

    TENTATIVE AGREEMENT RATIFICATIONBallots were counted Nov. 29 and showed members have ratified the tentative agreement. Once ratified by the employer, the employer advises that retroactive payments could be made to the members on the December 15th pay cheque.Thank you for your patience during the bargaining preparation process and period.   Read More...

  • 27 Nov 17-Local 038 NAIT Support Staff Bargaining Update

    Bargaining ContinuesThe parties met for spirited bargaining discussions on Nov. 14 and 15 and were able to find agreement in a number of areas. Your committee was successful in its goal of amending ambiguous or unclear articles within the collective agreement, and also managed to find agreement with the employer on language reflecting the social and technological changes in the workplace.We are happy to inform you the parties successfully signed off nearly a dozen collective agreement articles, ...  Read More...

  • 9 Nov 17-Local 071 Chapter 005 Medicine Hat College Bargaining Update

    Bargaining BeginsYour bargaining committee met with the employer on Nov. 1 and 2. The employer has provided its entire proposal package, including a salary proposal of zero-percent increases for two years.Your committee has proposed increases of two per cent annually, with monetary increases proposed in other articles as well.Both parties were able to successfully sign off on all unopened articles and several non-monetary items.No further bargaining dates have been scheduled at this time, howeve...  Read More...

  • 8 Nov 17-Local 071 Chapter 010 Norquest College Bargaining Update

    Bargaining continuesYour bargaining committee met with the employer on Nov. 4 to begin formal negotiations by identifying articles within the collective agreement neither side wanted to change. The parties then turned their attention to outstanding articles in the agreement.   Read More...

  • 7 Nov 17-Local 071 Chapter 014 Red Deer College Bargaining Update

    Bargaining BeginsYour bargaining committee met with the employer on Oct. 31 to exchange in-going proposals.Your committee presented a comprehensive bargaining package that includes a number of reasonable monetary proposals. We also communicated to the employer that we wish to see improvements to the language of the collective agreement to better reflect the changes in workplace practices and policies that have taken place in Alberta society.The employer’s package included a relatively smal...  Read More...

  • 03 Nov 17-Local 071 Chapter 12 Living Waters Bargaining Update

    Mediation BeginsMediation began Nov. 1 with some considerable pushback from the employer. By the end of our meeting, almost all outstanding items were monetary.Some issues that remain outstanding include workers’ compensation, the term of the agreement, retroactivity, the salary schedule and wage increases.While we also advocated hard for changes to overtime and hours of work, the employer refuses to consider these amendments as they claim those would cost them too much.This story is not n...  Read More...

  • 31 Oct 17-Local 071 Chapter 009 Northern Lakes College Bargaining Update

    BARGAINING BEGINSYour bargaining committee met with the employer on Oct. 30 to exchange proposals. We were disappointed at the package presented by the employer, which lacked any specific references to collective agreement articles.   Read More...

  • 30 Oct 17 Local 038 NAIT Bargaining Update

    Bargaining BeginsThe parties met Oct. 26 to exchange proposals, with both sides expressing a desire to update the collective agreement to better reflect current employment best practices.Aside from minor housekeeping changes and the addition of gender-neutral language, the following articles are unchanged and will be signed off during our next bargaining meeting: Jurisdiction (Article 2); Management Recognition (Article 4); Legislation and the Collective Agreement (Article 6); Safety and Health ...  Read More...

  • 27 Oct 17-Local 071 Chapter 004 Lakeland College Bargaining Update

    Bargaining continued in a positive manner during meetings held on Oct. 24 and 25. As anticipated, the union and the employer have now signed off all non-monetary items.   Read More...

  • 20 Oct 17-Local 071 Chapter 013 Edmonton Catholic Bargaining Update

    Your bargaining committee met with the employer and a third party mediator for the first time on Oct. 12. We agreed to schedule the next mediation meeting for Jan.   Read More...

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What does AUPE mean to me?

I am not alone;
I belong;
I am protected;
I am visible;
I have a voice;
My opinion does matter;
I have a big team of professionals looking out for me to ensure:
my rights are protected;
my job is secured;
my benefits are upheld;
my entitlement is maintained and reasonable;
my working environment is healthy and fair.

by AUPE Local 039 Member Fara Shafee

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Labour Education Opportunities

Are you interested in union training? The AUPE Education Program delivers courses to members in support of their role in their union. Upcoming courses include Introduction to Your Union (offered online and in person), Labour History: An Introduction to Workers' History, and Foundations for Union Stewards. If you'd like to know more, check the training schedule for details. All expenses are paid - register now.

AUPE supports our members and their families with a number of scholarship and bursary opportunities – including six at SAIT.   

Here are the AUPE Student Awards sponsored at SAIT. For a full description and requirements, pick up a copy of the Student Awards Guide 2019/20 at Alumni and Development in AA113, Heritage Hall. Or check it out online!

                                                                                          Apply By:

Ed Mardell Memorial (AUPE Local 039), $800                Nov. 28

Third semester students (Business Administration preferred)                                         

George S. Audley Educational Fund (AUPE) $880        Feb. 28

Certificate or diploma program                                 

Claudette Ridley Memorial (AUPE Local 039), $910       May 30

Second semester students

Local 39 AUPE, $810                                                         May 30

Academic achievement

Local 39 AUPE $905                                                          May 30

Any apprenticeship

Local 39 – AUPE Promising Futures, two at $1,045        May 30

Second year or higher apprenticeship           

Plus, AUPE has a Members' Education Assistance Fund which offers annual scholarships and bursary opportunities for AUPE members or their families that are not limited to SAIT. Full details are available on the AUPE website.


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