Annual General Meeting 2019
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    22 Oct 19 - Local 039 Information Picket Oct 24/19

    INFORMATION PICKETIn front of theThomas Riley BuildingTHURSDAY, OCT 2412 NOON - 1:30 PMFor ALL AUPE Local 039 Members and allies. Please attend in Solidarity. Bring a student as these cuts will have an impact on them!!For more information, please contactRose Read chairlocal039@aupe.ca403-463-9757We’re fighting back against cuts to vital public services, including post-secondary education.We’re fighting back against attacks on our working conditions and wages.We’re fighting back...  Read More...

  • 10 Oct 19:Info Session on Gov Cuts - Tomorrow Oct 11/19

    Orpheus TheaterTOMORROW,Friday Oct 1112:00-1:00I am asking any and all members that are available tomorrow during 12:00-1:00 to join me in the Orpheus theater. We will be holding an information Lunch and Learn about proposed cuts to vital public services, including post-secondary education, attacks on our working conditions and wages and attacks on our constitutional right to bargain.The Alberta government’s MacKinnon Report is bad news for Albertans who rely on public services. Bill 9, th...  Read More...

  • 03 Oct 19 Tuition hikes, program cuts ahead after UCP budget

    The president of the University of Alberta predicted Wednesday that cuts are coming and that he expects tuition to go up under the province's United Conservative Party government.David Turpin told students in his state of the university address at Convocation Hall that, based on the recommendations in the MacKinnon report on the province's finances, all Alberta post-secondary institutions face "difficult decisions ahead.""With a new government in place ... we anticipate re...  Read More...

  • 16 Sept 19 - AUPE members had a blast at the Labour Day Classic

    Local 039 joined Local 052 (UofC) in their first Labour Day Classic event to celebrate AUPE’s Centennial. We had 82 tickets sold from Local 039 and along with Local 052’s 500 people, we had a great time! Look for tickets next year as it could become an annual event!   Read More...

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    10 July 19 Five things about Bill 9

    Five things you need to know about the Public Sector Wage Arbitration Deferral Act (formerly Bill 9)The attack began in the early hours of June 20 when the UCP dropped Bill 9 to abolish the June 30 deadline AUPE members employed by Alberta Health Services (AHS) and the Government of Alberta (GOA) were promised for third-year wage arbitrations. The government passed the legilsation also knowing it could potentially undermine the rights of many other members working in post-secondary education, an...  Read More...

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    01 May 19 International Workers’ Day, or "May Day"

    International Workers’ Day, or May Day, is recognized around the world on May 1 in celebration of the labour movement and ordinary working people.The first May Day was held over 100 years ago to commemorate the 1886 Haymarket affair in Chicago, where working people took to the streets with strikes and protests to fight for an eight-hour work day.Since then, unions and activists have kept this tradition going with annual marches and demonstrations, often to raise awareness of injustice and ...  Read More...

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    24 Apr 2019 Bargaining, Mediation...Whats Next?

    Prior to the changes to Alberta Legislation last year our AUPE members did not have the "right to strike". Now that we do have the right to strike we know members have a lot of questions about the changes to the bargaining process.We have put together a video for our members that will explain the bargaining process prior to the legislative changes and the new process.We hope you find this video informative. You can view it on our Local YouTube channel here:  Read More...

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    Is your personal phone number up-to-date with your union? Expect a call from your union president!On April 16, Albertans elected a United Conservative Party government. The UCPmade a number of promises throughout the provincial election campaign that could have an impact on the work you do.   Read More...

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    24 Oct 18-Collective greement Ratified by Government Services Members

    Government Services workers ratified a three-year collective agreement yesterday following a ballot count at AUPE headquarters in Edmonton.A majority in favour of all returned mail-in ballots determined the outcome.The agreement expires March 31, 2020 for more than 22,000 front-line government services workers and includes significant improvements to contract language, including:Employment securityWorkloadContracting outClassificationsPay equityWorksite harassment and discriminationFai...  Read More...

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    17 Oct 18-Local 039 Membership Bargaining Meeting Scheduled for Next Thursday Oct 25th

    Join your Negotiating team for a bargaining update next Thursday from 4:45-5:30. The meeting will be held on campus in room NN105.If you have any questions you would like addressed please submit the to before next Wednesday Oct 24th.   Read More...

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