3 Sept 18-Are you getting paid what you are worth or are you working for free?

3 Sept 18-Are you getting paid what you are worth or are you working for free?

Will you be “working” or “volunteering” at Open House and events of this type this year?

Here are some things to think about. First of all, you need to fill out an HR 85 Overtime Pre-Approval - Time in Lieu form and get it signed - you can find this form on SAITNOW under the Employee Services - Forms section.

Fact – Employment Standards says most employees (full and part-time) are entitled to overtime pay.

Fact – Article 15 of our agreement with SAIT says an Employee who has been authorized to work overtime and who is employed in a classification that is not excluded from premium overtime payment shall be compensated as follows:

  • b) For overtime hours worked on day(s) of rest:
  • (i) at time and one-half (1.5) the regular hourly salary for the first three (3) hours worked on a regularly scheduled first day of rest and at double (2X) the regular hourly salary for hours worked in excess of three (3) hours.

Fact – SAIT’s own policy and procedure requires that you are compensated.

Fact – paid overtime does not increase your tax deduction.

Final Fact – it is your choice whether you want to be paid overtime or compensated as time in lieu.

  • 15.04 Compensatory time off with pay in lieu of a cash settlement may be claimed by the Employee. However, time off accumulated as a result of overtime worked shall be taken at a mutually agreeable time prior to the end of that fiscal year or paid out in cash at the expiration of that fiscal year.

Are you worth it? Or do you prefer to work for free?

 Contact Tanya Mullings at info@tanyacmullings.com with questions or concerns.