16 Oct 17- Local 071 Chapter 003 Evergreen Catholic Separate Regional Division No 2

Mediation Continues

On Oct. 5 and 6 your bargaining committee met with the employer and was faced with the same uncooperativeness as in the last meetings.

While both our union and the employer came into mediation with proposals, the employer did not want to address these outstanding articles one-by-one nor sign off on any before mediation started. This is just one of many tactics they’ve used which has slowed the negotiations process and made compromise difficult.

During the first meeting, our union prioritized 54 proposed changes including a wage increase and submitted these outstanding items to the mediator for further distillation. The employer did not provide a list, and by the end of the day our union agreed to withdraw its proposed changes to 21 items and include employer-proposed deletions and changes to 28 items.

We are however, happy to report that on Oct. 6, the employer did complete a chart itemizing the agreed to, current, and outstanding articles, to which we can now respond and bargaining can move forward.

The employer also agreed to withdraw its proposed changes to 11 items and to accept three of our proposals.

While progress has been slow, positive steps have also been made. Your determination isn’t in vain; the gains you’ve made so far have been hard won, and speak to your resilience. Our union continues to stand firmly behind our rights and our collective interests.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of your bargaining team.

Juanita Roy
Dana Dokken
Anne Desrochers

Terry Luhoway Negotiator

Celia Shea Communications Officer